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Sporthopaedic Hamburg is headed by Hans Olaf Baack, surgeon, emergency surgeon, orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, emergency doctor. Ringside physician BDB / WBA / WBC / IBF / WBO, team doctor American Football & Cheerleading Association Hamburg, attending doctor to various martial arts schools in Hamburg.

A top sportsman himself, aged 17 Dr Baack played American football in the German league and at USA high-school level, later taking up boxing, kick-boxing and full contact boxing at international level, and winning the German University Boxing Championship in 1994.

Drawing on his 20 years as attending team doctor to professional ice hockey/handball/martial arts sportspeople and operative experience as a traumatologist and emergency air rescue Christoph 20 helicopter doctor, he is familiar with practically all the injuries and medical conditions of top professional athletes.

Sporthopaedic Hamburg is excellently staffed with a medical team, physiotherapist, Sport scientist and radiology assistant.

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Sportspeople, patients and those interested in health matters benefit in full from the qualifications and experience of the staff at Sporthopaedic Hamburg. The centre also combines optimum technical facilities with the highest standards of service and ambience.

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Hans Olaf Baack

Study at the medical faculty of Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen and completion of the final licensing examination in 1996
Training as consultant surgeon, Klinikum Bayreuth, 2003
Training as emergency surgeon, Klinikum Bayreuth,
area of specialisation: trauma surgery, 2007
additional title: emergency medicine, 2007
Orthopaedic consultant and consultant surgeon, 2012
Ground-based emergency doctor since 1998 with more than 5,000 call-outs
Air rescue Christoph 20 helicopter emergency doctor from 1998-2005 with 857 call-outs
Senior emergency surgeon, MVZ MedCenter, Bayreuth, 2005-2008
Consultant, Lindenlohe Orthopaedic Hospital, sport orthopaedics unit
Doctor in charge, emergency surgery, Park-Klinik Manhagen, 2012
Team doctor, ice hockey, EHC Bayreuth professional sector, 2000-2008
Team doctor, handball, HASPO Bayreuth, semi-professional, 2005-2008
Licensed ringside boxing doctor BDB, WBA, IBF, WBC, WBO at more than 50 world championships

Consultant surgeon and consultant, orthopaedics and emergency surgery

Mr Baack completed his consultant surgeon training in 2003. Surgery includes operations of the abdominal cavity such as appendix removal, hernias, gall bladder removal, partial gastrectomy, small/large bowel resection, tumour surgery of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
In addition, Mr Baack also completed his training as a consultant orthopaedist and emergency surgeon covering operations of the extremities following accidents and in the case of degenerative disorders (arthrosis).

Sports orthopaedics

Mr Baack was consultant in the sports orthopaedics unit of Lindenlohe specialist hospital with Olympic Training Centre Bavaria. The sports orthopaedics unit treats sport injuries/medical conditions and supports sportspeople during various training and competition phases.

Emergency medicine

On account of his wide experience gained from around 900 call-outs as a helicopter emergency doctor and around 5,000 call-outs as a ground-based emergency doctor, Mr Baack not only holds the certificate of emergency services, but also that of emergency medical services.

Expert opinions

Mr Baack is a licensed expert of the Professional Association of German Surgeons (BDC), and publicly appointed expert at Regensburg Social Court and Hamburg District Court. He draws on 15 years of experience in this field as the author of more than 800 expert opinions for occupational pension funds, pension offices and social courts.

Questions raised following accidents of all kinds such as “Am I not insured for this?” or “Am I due compensation for pain and suffering?” can usually be answered in the affirmative. Special appointments of an ample duration are planned for this purpose.

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