Triton traction decompression therapy

No, we are not referring to a mediaeval torture rack, but an advanced piece of computer-aided equipment that within minutes can alleviate pain in the cervical spine, neck, thoracic/lumbar spine and pelvis without any medication.

The heated treatment couch enhances the patient’s sense of well-being and different symptoms and pain conditions can be treated in a therapy involving a series of stretching and relaxing sessions.

Depending on the intensity of the pain and disease pattern, various programmes are available and can be personally adjusted to suit the patient during therapy.

The patient can pause or discontinue treatment as he/she likes. This traction decompression therapy can be ideally combined in a treatment chain with physiotherapy/training or can be used on its own as an acute pain therapy with an immediate effect.

Pressure relief

Relieving pressure on nerves

Spine relief

Reducing disc protrusion

Vertebrae separation


Ligament and tendon stretching

Capsule, facet joint and disc strain

Nucleus pulposus shifts

Anti-inflammatory reaction

Muscle tone improvement

Reduced inflammation

Stimulating circulation

Improvement in tissue blood flow

Improvement in venous blood flow

Triton DTS®

Clinical benefits of traction therapy

• Pain alleviation
• Improved muscle tone
• Increased mobility
• Increased flexibility
• Oedema alleviation
• Reduction of disc prolapse
• Alleviation of nerve root compression