At Sporthopaedic Hamburg shockwave therapies are performed in compliance with the
guidelines of DIGEST e.V.

A shockwave is a pressure wave that triggers a variety of positive, pain-alleviating regeneration processes in tissue.

A distinction is made between pneumatic, mechanically produced shockwave therapy – socalled radial shockwaves – and electromechanically, electro-hydraulically produced shockwaves – so-called focused shockwaves.

While radial shockwaves are ideal for treating tense and pulled muscles and for trigger point therapy and can be found in the changing rooms of large sport clubs, focused shockwaves belong exclusively in the hands of a doctor due to the very high levels of energy involved. This process is also used to destroy kidney stones.


The following are treated in compliance with the guidelines:

• Heel spur/plantar fasciitis
• Trochanteric pain syndrome on the hip
• Cold shoulder
• Tennis elbow
• Patella tendinitis/jumper’s knee
• Bone healing disorders
• Stress/fatigue fractures