Myoline all-body muscle strength measurement

The DIERS myoline is a multifunction system with up to 28 test directions for measuring strength capabilities, and in particular the person’s maximum isometric strength. To do so, the strength of all extremities and the trunk are measured while bending and stretching.

Developed as a compact multifunction system, the DIERS myoline exactly records and documents key posture-relevant muscle strength parameters in a single system. It therefore combines several conventional back test Systems.

Measurements are executed while the patient is seated, and repositioning is not necessary. Aside from recording diagnostic measurement parameters, the system is also designed for biofeedback therapies. Imbalances are exactly recorded in all areas in order to develop targeted therapies.

DIERS myoline

Clinical application range

• Recording maximum isometric strength

• Diagnosis of muscular imbalances

• Follow-up checks

• Use of findings for therapy purposes