HUBER 360 Leistung


State-of-the-art technical equipment and the latest scientific standards

Sporthopaedic Hamburg is the only centre to offer this equipment, which is used for computer-aided neuromuscular analysis and all-body exercising and training.
Equipped with force sensors, the multi-axis platform and handles ensure gentle, safe all-body training.

Following a full analysis of strength, coordination (proprioception) and balance, exercising is conducted on the basis of four movement fundamentals.

1. Flexibility and mobility

Targeted exercising on the Huber 360 improves the mobility of all extremities and the spine.

2. Dynamic strengthening

Based on appropriate analysis, targeted dynamic and static muscle strengthening can be performed at ALL levels.
Older patients (no upper limit age-wise) reliant on rollators and professional sportspeople at the peak of their performance alike can train on the platform.

3. Coordination/posture/balance/proprioception

You spend eight hours or more at your desk; the last time you did a cartwheel was 25 years ago; you prefer stairs with a railing and simply feel you’re not as fit as you used to be?

The Huber 360’s highly specialised training and exercise programmes target and train the brain’s coordinative connectivity to all muscles. After just a few training sessions you will notice an improvement in your posture, coordination and movement as you go about your daily activities.

4. Resistance

Premature muscular fatigue common after long bouts of standing, extended shopping trips or when having to pause on every landing when climbing stairs – these problems can be integrated into the exercise plan to train your ENTIRE body in this resistance area.

HUBER® 360 Neuro Physical Training™

Multi-axis motorised platform with built-in force sensors

Integrated functional analysis suitable for all types of patients

Dynamic posture correction for precise, progressive training

Multidirectional stimulation and targeted muscle strengthening