Bone density measurement with trabecular score using the GE DXA Lunar Prodigy

Osteoporosis has become a definite health risk in western industrialised countries.

Bone stability in the human body depends on two things: bone mineral content and the inner frame or trabecular bone Architecture.

Unlike conventional methods of measuring bone density, the latest generation of DXA equipment like the GE DXA Lunar Prodigy at Sporthopaedic Hamburg not only measures bone mineral content, but also the quality of the frame via a special measuring procedure.
Only then can reliable statements be ventured on the risk of bone fracture.


For diagnosing and tracking osteoporosis

• Easy creation of personal fracture risk assessments
• Workflow optimisation via software tools like OneScan, ScanCheck and automatic scan mode selection
• Automatic database filtering to display trend data and identify patients in need of follow-up
• Built-in composer (automatic report generator) easily and reliably combines medical findings with configurable, predefined and guideline-compliant treatment recommendations. Results are presented in chart form in a clearly set-out report