Aside from Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf, which uses DVT equipment for research purposes, only Sporthopaedic Hamburg is equipped with DVT

DVT (digital volume tomography) is a 3D X-ray process which uses ten times less Radiation than conventional CT.A DVT scan comes with a slightly higher radiation exposure compared to an X-ray image in two levels. If only one detail X-ray image is required (for instance a diagonal image of the wrist), DVT is greatly superior to conventional X-ray imaging, also because of its much higher resolution.

In addition, as a 3D image (reconstruction) it detects to a far higher degree of accuracy even the finest of fracture lines.

• Metal in bones can be calculated accurately (screws and nails in bones, artificial limbs)
• Bone injuries can be established with the highest degree of specificity
• Some traumatology guidelines now require a tomogram (CT/ DVT) without a preceding Xray (e.g. in the case of scaphoid fractures)
• Broken bones in children often overlooked on normal X-rays can be reliably diagnosed with DVT without any notable increase in radiation exposure


Preoperative planning in 2D/3D

The diagnostic solutions offered by the SCS MedSeries® let orthopaedic and emergency surgeons use this digital technology to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve planning reliability for patients.