Cryotherapy is a neuro-reflective therapy involving near-freezing temperatures
At Sporthopaedic Hamburg cryotherapy is performed with the Elmako Cryolight. This is a genuine form of cryotherapy using CO2 gas at -72°C resulting in a local “cold shock” experienced by the patient as a pleasant sensation.

The cold shock practically shuts down pain receptors and pain is alleviated immediately; capillary microcirculation is stimulated, inflammation/irritant mediators are dissipated faster from the inflamed tissue and swelling can be reduced much more swiftly.

As vessels react to the cold shock by widening, lymphatic outflow is promoted for a sustained reduction in swelling.

Cryotherapy is also ideal as a complementary measure to injections and shockwave therapy.

Cryolight by Elmako

Treatment equipment

• Patented advanced technology

• Space-saving housing

• 24-hour operation

• Permits exact control of treatment time, temperature, CO2 status and battery life